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Bloody Musky Minnow - Albino

1.5 oz

6" Long


Targets big muskie along rock walls, weedbeds or shorelines.
Weighted and balanced to make a loud splashing noise grabbing the attention of large muskie.
Solid handcrafted high impact construction to withstand the hardest fights.
Perfect minnow imitating action muskie can’t resist.


The BenPro Fishing; Bloody Musky Minnow is a floating minnow designed to dive 1 to 2 feet with a little larger wobble for more attraction.


  • Retrieve the Bloody Musky Minnow with a slow steady it will run about 1 ½ feet with a distressed minnow wobble.
  • Use it as a jerk-bait. Cast the Bloody Musky Minnow and allowing the ripples to disappear.
  • Alternate jerk, retrieve, and rest. The Bloody Musky Minnow will dive on the jerk, then float back to the top on the rest imitating an injured or dying minnow.
  • Increase the depth of your Bloody Musky Minnow presentation by adding weight 18 inches in front of the lure.
  • Use a figure 8 at the end of each presentation of the Bloody Musky Minnow.
  • Trolling the Bloody Musky Minnow with a down rigger or planner board, where permitted, at aspeed of 2 to 4 mph is extremely effective.


Enjoy life’s experiences and pass it on.

“Keep, a tight line, your hooks sharp and take a kid fishing!” Hank

Bloody Musky Minnow - Albino

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